What We Do and What are Our Terms & Conditions?

This service is an academic support platform where clients may receive customized assistance with online courses, lessons, examinations, assignments, and other academic issues. If you pay in full and share all of the information needed for your ordered service, Academic Services guarantees delivery.

Note : You agree to the terms and conditions set out on this page by using this website and completing your Order or clicking the box in the Terms and Conditions section. You may not use the site or its services if you do not agree to the terms and conditions. A client who violates any of the following terms and conditions will get no guarantees of any sort.

How To Place An Order?

  • Please complete the form to make an order. Your Order will not be proceeding if any information is missing.
  • We will work to your requirements, so please give accurate and comprehensive information to guarantee that your Order is completed successfully.
  • Customers should stay in touch with the business to check on the status of their orders.
  • We will begin processing your Order after it has been paid in full.
  • Your Order will be submitted for evaluation to the client's account.
  • Any real modifications will be rectified after the revision is submitted.
  • If the client makes any fraudulent claims, the Order will be cancelled.

Revision Policy

Takeyouronlineclass.com has developed "A Revision Policy" to ensure that customers' purchases are of the highest quality and satisfaction.

  • A customer's amendment will be approved if it is submitted within three days.
  • If changes are not requested within the given period, there will be extra costs.
  • Any new modifications not previously specified will be noted as an amendment, which will incur an extra fee.

Refund Policy

  • It is critical that you read our refund policy thoroughly to understand the full scope of our refunds and restrictions. Only in rare situations and under the criteria outlined below can refunds be given.
  • There will be no refunds for third-party subscriptions since the business is not responsible for their services, promises, or assurances.
  • Orders are only eligible for refunds if the consumer files a claim within 24 hours after receiving the order.

Change of Mind

  • You are entitled to a complete refund until our expert panel begins working on the project.
  • You may seek a refund within one hour of submitting the request if you change your mind after sending it and decide to discontinue your connection with us (in any circumstance). In this instance, a 15% preparation fee will be levied in a variety of circumstances.

Late Delivery Claims

"On-time delivery" is something we take very seriously. Assume that after three efforts at contact, the required services are not delivered on time. In such instance, your refund will be handled as quickly as possible once you submit a report stating that the delay in providing services was caused by the organization's failure.

Discount Period Claims

  • Reimbursement must be guaranteed within 120 days of the cancellation being notified. Discounts claimed after the mentioned time will not be considered.
  • At the time of submitting the request, all customers must note the cutoff period for claiming a discount.

Circumstances in Which There Will No Refund

  • Assume the delivery is delayed as a result of a technical or technology issues, mistake, failed delivery attempts, and unusual circumstance. Refunds will be given on a mutually agreed terms, and will be paid with a partial discount or a credit reserved for a future purchase.
  • The business will not be held responsible for any delays caused by the consumer.
  • There is no refund on the discounted offer services and company is not liable in these circumstances.